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Media: Cotton, thread

SIze: 2,2x  1,8 x 1,6 m


This installation creates the illusion of immersion inside one room by combining light and objects. An ephemeral sky is created, compound by hundreds of spread spheres. This ceiling is disposed to change with different lights that reflect on it. The casting shadows of these lights create various possible horizons. Each horizon creates a new deepness of the built space. The movement of lights combined with the objects creates a rhythm, dancing shadows and changing shapes.


With this work I want to understand the many possibilities from the factors that influence the way we comprehend the space that we inhabit. In this particular case, how light and shadow can alter our perception of deepness and wideness of a space.


Solo exhibition Vanishing Horizons, at Berlin Blue art space, 08 to 10 of July 2016. (Kopernicker strasse 96, Kreuzberg, Berlin)

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