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Media: Cardboard

SIze: 2,2x  1,5 x 0,6 m

In this exhibition, through the repetition of pyramidal figures, the artist seeks to create an artificial landscape, a texture, an endlessness of sharp white peaks that bring the relationship between the spectators and the space into question.

These figures create an amplitude in a limited space, creating a puzzling world that makes the viewer wonder about its scale, inviting one to get lost in its monotony, deployed shadows, in its hardness that contrasts the calmness which produces the observation of continuity and repetition.


The work aims to show the duality between the room, a closed and finite space, and the work, composed of finite objects, which create the illusion of a vast and limitless space. The repetition of objects is disturbing and even aggressive, designed to overwhelm the viewer, causing them to question their relationship with the work and the space, experiencing narrowness and wideness in equal measure.



Solo exhibition Wide end, at Tapir LAB, 6 of november 2015. (Müggelstrasse 17, Friedrichshain, Berlin)

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